Transit days on our way to Spain

We stayed a night with Bishawjit and Dipika in Karlsruhe in order to break up our trip to Dusseldorf where we were to catch a flight to Madrid the next day.  Bishawjit waited up for us and fed us another delicious Bengali meal of kitcherri, fried eggplant, and other veggies.  (We’re so spoiled by the food people feed us!)  We left early in the morning and caught our train.  Once we made it to Dusseldorf, we made a split second decision to find a vegan restaurant to eat lunch at so that we wouldn’t be left hungry at an airport without any good food options.  We hopped off and somehow found our way to a Starsmucks where anyone can now get free wifi!! We managed to get on Happy Cow and find a place nearby, and some strangers at the next table offered directions.  We walked another twenty minutes and found the restaurant.  It had a hot bar and salad bar so we were able to eat quickly and run back to the station.  Once back on the train to the Weeze-Dusseldorf airport (which is actually very far from Dusseldorf! silly cheap airlines and their silly misleading airport names), we made friends with this other traveler named Bastian.  He was going to visit friends in Spain.  We talked about academia and traveling until we finally boarded our plane. The three of us even got to sit together in the bright yellow seats of the front row of the plane and he reassured us that the ride would be smooth even though it is a discount airline with a gaudy interior color palette.  And a few hours later, with a cheesy recorded horn ensemble announcing our arrival on the intercom, we made it to Madrid! 


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