A short note on Europe

So, you should give up hope that Julian will update this. Every time I prod him to compose his update, he grumbles and grouches and generally turns into a grumpy soul. I will probably compose a long update tonight though, so please, dearest attentive readers, look forward to it. Until then, I give you my analysis of my time in Europe…

Experiencing the daily lives of Germans and Austrians, viewing ancient buildings and old art in Spain and Portugal, and gorging on vegan treats at every opportunity have been great but the similiartities of consumer cultures, excessive meat-and-cheese eating, and the shortness of our stay everywhere has made Europe feel like a blurry parallel of the US. My favorite times were definitely our stays with Fred at the farm, Bishawjit in Germany, and Berny in Austria. Traveling like a tourist in Spain and Portugal has felt luxurious at best, and superficial at worst. And, I hate for this to be my final statement of the subject, but as someone who has mild asthma, I have had an awful time dealing with smokers everywhere.

*this develops into a whine here, so feel free to stop reading now* I now have this horrible consistent cough in the back of my throat and I’m convinced it’s from breathing in smoke just from walking down the street. The smog is also tangible and burns your eyes.

(on another, sweeter, note, Julian is fiddling with my camera and taking self-photos. He just said “How come I can take a good photo of myself and no one else can?” Adorable. Maybe we can figure out how to upload them this century…)

anyways, the rant is finished. I wish I could stay in better touch with you all, but it’s not that realistic right now. I’ve put most photos on facebook though, so most of you should be able to see them.

love love love


4 responses

  1. I’m sorry about your smog throat. Couchsurfing really is the best, isn’t it? At least when you find a good host that’ll show you around. Delhi already? Wow! I look forward to reading your updates whenever they arrive, but seriously, if they’re a laborious task, don’t feel like you *need* to post all the time! Enjoy the adventure.

  2. PS- Maybe you could contribute *a very, very small amount* to mofo this year?? Just posting photos of what you’ve been eating, as you can? I don’t know what your internets sitch is going to be, but it could be fun. Again, if it would be a lot of work, forget the idea entirely!!

  3. My experiences of Spain and France were the same! The architecture was lovely and it was fun to be in new cities, but all the things that bother me about American culture were just as prevalent there. I’m sure your experiences in other parts of the world will be a nice contrast to western ways.
    Hugs to you both! You’re an inspiration.

  4. so sad to hear europe was disappointing 😦 but dont lose hope, im sure its not all the same, and probably has some great things as everywhere else 🙂 i love you guys, keep us updated!

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