Pokin’ around Pokhara

Wow, it’s Oct third already.
I really need to get better at updating this blog here.  We’ve been in transit for the last two months, with limited internet access.  Whether that be from lack of connection, unreliable connection, or too busy hanging out with people to get online.  This is the main reason that I’ve not been updating the blog.

So, we’re currently in Pokhara, Nepal with the most amazing CouchSurfing family.  They have supplied us with a room, fed us delicious food and taught us phrases in many languages.  The family is originally from Kashmir, India but have been in Nepal for the last 20 years.  The Father has a shop where he sells locally made garments and accessories, but the real winners are his shawls and carpets.  He has a loom on sight that he makes carpets out of.  He’s been making carpets since he was 4 years old.  The craftsmanship and quality are impeccable.  His wife also makes shawls, which she hand-sews designs onto.  The son, Ashiq, who we CS requested through, has an auxiliary shop in the more touristy part of town that sells similar wares.

Last night we shared an incredible meal with them and watched the Indian version of Big Brother.  The meal was exactly what I’ve been craving.  A lot of rice, dahl, and a potato green bean curry.  It’s nearly impossible to find something likes this in the village we were dwelling unless you’re staying with a family.  All the restaurants serve the same dishes, momos (dumplings), thupka (noodle soup), and another noodle soup whose name eludes me.  So, all I’ve been craving since we’ve been to Nepal is a large portion of rice and some dahl to put atop it.  Finally!

It has been such a clear day thus far and we can see the Himalayas from here, specifically the Annapurnas with jutting peaks erupting from nowhere.  The views are incredible.  The city is in a valley surrounded by hills with a lake in the centre.  In the distance the Himalayas are visible, but only on clear days like today.  So, we are very fortunate to see them.  🙂

We hope to get out on a hike today around the lake and maybe gain some elevation.  ‘Til next time.



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