An intimate check-in

I came up with this idea that we would record a check-in with each other. Here’s what followed:



how are you feeling?
-I have a headache and I’m currently not enjoying myself.  I don’t feel comfortable in this country. I always feel like I’m sick or I have a headache or something. I just want to feel well and not feel like I have to worry about purchases and stuff like that. 

what’s been your favorite part of the past week?
-Meeting CSers and going out on the boat.  I just enjoyed talking to them and feeling like there are similar people anywhere in the world. 

least favorite?
– being heckled for money in Varanasi. I didn’t like being targeted and that we spent so much money for shit we didn’t really need. 

what have you learned so far? -about yourself, your partner, traveling, life, etc.
-I learned that I desire comforts than I have previously known.  Thus, my attitude is affected by not having all the amenities I desire.  

-I’ve learned that she can be irksome and intolerable, that she can also be kind and sweet and take care of me. She can handle others well. And she’s good at organizing things and communicating with others to make it easier for me to not communicate. 
-life is more enjoyable when vegan restaurants are around.

what are you looking forward to most right now?

-feeling well. not having a headache and not having a sore throat. well, actually my throat is not sore, my voice is just hoarse. 

anything else?

check in : tommasina

how are you feeling?

-nine lives.  I said unloved, tehe.  I feel sometimes happy at the misfortune of Julian.  that being said, it makes me feel awful. Umm, doing the same is troop for him too. uh-he, uh-hel (slaps knee)
wow, my stomach, it hurts, ehhet. [this is how Julian transcribes my laughter.]

what’s been your favorite part of the past week? 

-when I felt sad and julian…made me cry because I was laughing so hard.  Also, my favorite part was getting off the metro in Mumbai.  It so cool and beautiful, and seeing that big, um, gothic building.  Umm, also I felt really refreshed after the shower at Druesctes place.  Also, when I got to try bel puri.  Also eating a fruit salad for breakfast was really nice.

least favorite?

-every time julian’s upset with me and when we don’t walk together.  hhmmm.  (rubs eye)

what have you learned so far? -about yourself, your partner, traveling, life, etc.

-I learned that I’m very capable, more capable than others.  That, uuuuh, I really like a good breakfast.   I have very low tolerance for bad attitudes.  Being around intellectual friendly people makes me rear happy.  Reading books makes me really happy, and talking about books.  I don’t really want to go to University next fall…’bout chulian, he’s not as nice as he looks.  He, umm, needs more than I do.  He’s not very good with people.  I don’t really like babying him or nagging him.  I don ‘t want to be that type of person.  We aren’t really that into each other anymore.  I don’t know if it’s because we’re traveling or if it’s run its course.  well, traveling.  traveling by yourself seems a lot of fun, aaannnd, sorry.  (rubs eye) mmmm, I’d think you’d meet a lot more people and a lot more friends and I like it by myself.  I think being in a relationship isolates me.  I really crave being in social interacts with others.  Okey, that’s all, next.

what are you looking forward to most right now?

-cold water, oh no, just water.  My stomach hurts from this juice, tis a stupid idea.  Does your stomach hurt?  I don’t want it.

——–the end———-


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