Sadhana Forest!

Finally we made it!  We’ve been here at Sadhana Forest for about three weeks and have been having a great time.  I’m finally getting acclimated to living here.  Recently I discovered the pool and now I’m gettting covered in water daily.

Here at Sadhana Forest it’s like a manifestation of our ideals.  Its core principles are veganism, unschooling, gift-economy, and sustainable living.  It’s completely off the grid, with energy from solar, and acquires its water from a well.  The huts that we sleep in and live in are constructed from local materials that are ethically harvested.  Its main foundational component is granite, with wood logs and rope to make support beams.  The construction is designed to have big open windows up high for ventilation and ultimately the whole building is open, which allows for it to stay cool throughout the day.  The toilets are composting and the hand wash stations are water saving and so are the showers.  The toilet is basically a hole above a big blue barrel (bbb) that collects the fecal matter.  After one deficates they add sawdust and then close the lid.  The composting takes about a year until it’s safe from human pathogens.  The hand washing system is comprised of a large covered water basin, a bottle of pre-mixed soap and water, and a metal bowl with a small hole in it built into a bamboo shelf.  One rubs soap on their hands first then takes some water from the basin and pours it into the metal bowl.  The water then falls out at a slow enough rate to rinse the hands.  It saves so much water!  The shower is not really a shower at all, but a bucket of water and a means to scoop it out and cover ones self with it.  The only thing that makes it a shower of sorts is that there are stalls, same as the toilets.  The pool often acts as a bath solution although one generally lathers up and rinses before enter it, but at the site.

We’re staying in the ‘luxury hut’ which is very fortunate for us, because it really is luxurious.  We have two stories, with a full sized bed up top covered in a mosquito net and a private toilet and hammock on the bottom level.  There are about 50 volunteers right now, and we don’t have to share a hut with others so that’s nice.

All of us Sadhana volunteers share three vegan meals together daily. The food here is super yummy.  It’s more or less whole food meals with an often Indian flavour.  It’s really a treat to take all these vegan meals together in one big room.

I’ll fill you in on more details in another blog.  Be well!                                         -Julian


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