two Singapore check ins

Feb 22 check in after spending hours walking around and exploring

T: I feel so stinky. No, I smell myself and I reek of sweat and damp clothes. How do you feel, Julian?

J: I feel *shrugs shoulders* happy: that I’ll get a cheesecake today and a sushi roll and I’m with my love and we’re going to get a needle to do her dreads. and that I’m reading this book. *smiles and kissy face*

Feb 24 check in

T: my clothes are all filthy. I wish we had found a laundry mat. Julian just tried to discreetly spray cologne on himself. We’re sitting at the boarding area waiting to leave Singapore for New Zealand. Julian totally lost his cool earlier when we found out we needed to have outbound tickets from New Zealand. hH was swearing, yelling at me, pacing and hunching over the computer urging the wifi to work. I was so frustrated. I can’t deal with him when he gets so upset. So I took the computer, went to the help desk, got on one of their computers, and bought the tickets. When I returned, Julian was back to normal. Problem solved. 🙂


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