our new zealand bird list

here’s a little yellow-eyed penguin who was living right under the penguin hide. don’t worry, he was yelling “hello!” to his friends so raucously (and whipping his hair back and forth, while flapping his wings) there’s no way he heard my camera!

all spotted in “the wild,” with our naked eyes! and confirmed by our Handbook to the Birds of New Zealand:

brown kiwi (heard)
royal albatross
black browed mollymawk
buller’s mollymawk
grey-headed mollymawk
sooty shearwater
cape pigeon
common diving petrel
grey petrel
grey-backed storm petrel
yellow-eyed penguin
blue penguin
black shag
pied shag
little shag
spotted shag
stewart island shag
white heron
cattle egret
white-faced heron
reef heron
glossy ibis
black swan
canadas goose
feral goose (greylag)
paradise shelduck
grey duck
grey teal
NZ scaup
australasian harrier
NZ falcon


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