Vegan MoFo: Lisboa’s Bake the Difference

Veganita, Jules, and I took a trip to Lisboa where we discovered that it IS possible to find vegan food (ahem, Rafael!). Anyways, our favorite spot was Bake the Difference, an all-vegan cafe where we ate most of our meals while in town.

Taking a break upon arriving in town and climbing loads and loads of stairs

And the highlights from Bake the Difference:

sun-dried tomato quiche with a cashew base

An empada, a Portuguese empanada

why yes, I will just stay here all day!

their homemade berry ice cream!

chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting!

a snack, before we gorged. strawberry soymilk and muffins.

Other sights in Lisboa (that’s right, we did leave BTD occasionally):

My favorite experience was exploring a magical castle called Quinta da Regaleira located in a tiny town called Sintra, an hour from Lisboa. Here it is:

Wandering around the castle grounds, J and I found this cave. J wanted a picture near the opening, so here’s when I tested the settings on the camera:

And here is the next second when Julian attempted to walk on the still, algae-covered water!


’till next time, MoFo-ers!



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