About Us

Tommasina and Julian are on a multi-year adventure traveling the world, working on organic farms, visiting friends, and eating delicious vegan food.


August: We begin our adventure in sunny humid Florida, then backpack and relax in North Carolina, and drive up to NYC before Tom goes to Israel and Jules goes to Amsterdam. We meet up in Berlin, work on a farm in Heidelberg, then visit friends in Karlsruhe.

September: We visit Tom’s childhood nanny in Austria then meet up with Beth in Spain. The three of us travel to Portugal, then back to Barcelona where we separate. We then head to Milan, explore for the day, and then fly to Delhi.

October: We hopefully meet up with Traviesso in Nepal and travel around until he leaves for Africa. India calls us next. We will ‘find ourselves’ on organic farms for roughly four months. We’ll try to stay the longest at Sadhana Forest, in Tamil Nadu.

February: We hop over into Thailand for a month to WWOOF and gorge on fruit.

End of February: Singapore visit to eat at the many vegan restaurants hosted on the island.

March to May: We’ll go to New Zealand to WWOOF at A Gentle World, a vegan organic farm and sanctuary.

June: [revised] We’ll fly to California, check out LA for a few vegan gorge-out days, then fly to Florida to reunite with Tom’s family!! and surprise her sister for her uni graduation. Later we’ll go to our friends’ wedding in Seattle.

July to mid-August: [revised] We’ll volunteer at Sadhana Forest in Haiti and plant a food forest! We’ll also earn our Permaculture Design Course certificates.

September to now!: [revised] We’ll take a two week road trip out to Portland where we plan to settle (for now!) and figure out what we’d like most in our lives… and how to earn money while doing it. 😉


3 responses

  1. great meeting you both. read this today and, for obvious reasons, I thought of you. also decided to post on fb – lets see if I get any flame posts.

  2. Hi there, love your passion for animals and wanted to tell you about a new site we’re launching that is going to be 100% animal-friendly. It’s called forAnima.com and is dedicated to the animals we love. It is launching soon at http://www.forAnima.com. Please follow us at @foranima.com.
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Amanda,
      Too funny. I just read about your site on Our Hen House yesterday and stumbled on your note today! Your site looks great! I’m excited to see what sort of user-added content you’ll have. 🙂

      good luck!

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