read me! welcome, welcome!!

Dear friends, family, and strangers whom we’ve just met:

Julian and I are so happy you’ve found our travel blog. We’ll do our best to keep our stories up-to-date but have no pretenses about their shortness or relevance. Some days we have things we want to vent about; some days we just want to list what we did. Forgive us in advance for our excessive detail, especially regarding food and restaurants. We are vegan foodies, so even though we have lots of other social justice issues to talk about, sometimes food is what gets us most excited. In any case, we hope you’ll find our posts interesting! Please leave us lots of comments if so, this helps keep us motivated. If you’d like to send us a private email, email us at kalethemwithkindness(at) gmail(dot) com.

much gratitude to all of you who have shared a smile, conversation, bed, or food with us at some point on our trip! We try to mention people like you in our blog and sometimes use your names– if this isn’t okay with you, please send us an email and we’ll give you a pseudonym as soon as we can.

Anyways, please keep in touch πŸ™‚

Lots of love and light for you on your own journey,

Tommasina and Julian


2 responses

  1. Hey there Tommasina and Julian
    I want to tell you how awesome it was to meet you both!
    I haven’t picked up hitchers for many many years, but for some reason when I saw you two, I had to stop! Turns out I was helping some fellow Vegans!! However, I don’t think either of us realised this at the time?
    I must say I was a little concerned when I transferred you both over into the care of my father, I do hope that journey went OK? I had only been in the car 2 minutes when my boys told me he was driving a little….how do I put it….recklessly (Im guessing you both escaped in tact?) And as soon as I read the name of your blog, my thoughts turned to the conversation you might’ve had with Dad the butcher/meat worker…oh dear….pretty much the reason I turned vegetarian and in recent years, vegan! So, sorry if that was an uncomfortable ride?
    I sincerely hope that your journeys continue on an amazing path, and your Kiwi experiences are treasured. Anytime you are back this way (Christchurch, NZ) I would love to meet you both again. My hubby and I are talking of a future USA holiday, so maybe we could look you up in a few years time!

    Dominique Mallard, Sth Island, NZ
    (travelling the SH1 South from Christchurch to Rangitata)

    • Dominique, what a sweet surprise it was to find this note on our blog! many apologies for not getting back to you sooner. We were so excited to hear that you were also vegan. I admit I thought you might have been when you were sharing your stories about rescuing battery cage chickens! It’s neat that we were just enjoying the conversation so much that veganism just didn’t come up. But don’t worry, your father was really kind to talk to and we arrived to our destination safe and sound. We had a blast in NZ and meeting people like you completely made our trip. Thanks for giving us a ride and a sweet memory πŸ™‚ I wish we could have met back up in Christchurch but we hitched in from Nelson in one day and arrived just in time to the airport. But please do keep us in mind when you come to the US! We’d love to host you and your family wherever we are!
      much love and gratitude~
      tommasina and julian

      ps- we told our vegan friend Yolanda in ChCh about you and she’d love to get to know you! I think you two would be good friends. You could get in touch with her through the Christchurch Vegetarian Society if you wanted πŸ™‚

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