Our stop motion video of most of our trip!

Colorado to Florida, Mexico, North Carolina, Israel, Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, India, Nepal, Thailand, Singapore, New Zealand, California and back to Florida! Perhaps it’s disproportionately Colorado, Florida, and Mexico but oh well! hope you all enjoy it!

much gratitude for all of you we got to share our experience with…

tommasina and julian


what we’ve been up to…

This is a blog post I (Julian) have been working on for weeks.  I kept the page open, and I added a little at a time. Sorry if it’s random at times.  :^)  I do promise to be more frequent.

We’re in Florida now and I’m still trying to cope with the humidity.  I’m used to the dry Colorado summer so this humidity is getting the best of me.  We’ve been in Mexico and Florida and we’re going to Asheville, NC still.  Once we get to India, I don’t know what I’m gonna do.  Maybe I should spend 4 hours a day sitting in the humidity to acclimate?

Enough complaining.  🙂  How ’bout a quick update?

We left Fort Collins in a lack-o-sleep post-cleaning frenzy stupor.  After waking up at 4 am the day we were leaving, and cleaning and packing until 1:30 pm, we were beat.  Unfortunately we had many more hours of business to attend to.  Dads dropped off the car so we could load up our luggage.  With the car loaded and ready we had a couple more tasks to accomplish.  We stopped by Matter and dropped off the last of our books to donate and I stopped by the co-op to gather a special order of shampoo bars for our travels. Finally we had our last Fort Collins meal at Tasty Harmony and then we hit the road.

Dads got us to the airport lickety-split all the while telling us stories about his younger years. Tommasina fell asleep in the car per-us. We had a heartfelt goodbye (it must be hard seeing one of your fledglings leave the nest) and headed for the curb side check-in.  Once we arrived at the curb the pack job caught up to us.  Two of our bags were overweight and we had one bag too many.  This brought our total to 150 extra dollars.  Luckily our curb-side check-in attendant was very helpful and suggested that we redistribute our weight between bags and stuff smaller bags into bigger ones to reduce the total number.  Finally accomplishing this rushed feat, we relinquished them to the airline and headed for our terminal (dun dun dun) to fly out.

We arrived in Florida pretty late.  Tommasina’s sister & boytoy picked us up in Tampa and took us to their estate in Sarasota.  First thing we did was go get some grub with the fam.  We, the four of us, met up with Tommasina’s dad and aunt for Thai food.  We then left the adults and headed for the bar.  There’s a pub in Sarasota called Growler’s and they have a pretty impressive tap list.  They had a lot of Belgium imports, and plenty of domestic microbrews including Rouge Dead Guy, and Fort Collins Brewery Bock.

The following day we arrived in our soon-to-be semi-permanent living quarters.  We set up our bivouac and searched for viands.

We were in Venice long enough to pack up our luggage to take to the airport.  We had to leave wicked early to catch a flight on the 29th of June.  At the Tampa airport I opted out of the full body scanner (über invasive) and so I had to have a ‘male assist.’  Those TSA peeps are so awkward.  They had to take me to another room, because I was wearing a money belt under my pants.  They then asked me to remove it.  As the commando that I am, it was a little unnerving, because three dudes were standing around me.   All was well after this silly episode and we flew to Ft. Lauderdale.  Let me tell you, Ft. Lauderdale airport is the pits.  It was way crowded and everyone was talking loudly and hoarding seats.

Mexico was nice.  We stayed at this very (very) nice resort where we were catered to hand and foot.  It was a week long of relaxing times at the beach, in the infinity pool, in the covered beachside beds, and at fancy dinner spots.  Well, except for the day we went to a different resort to listen to a semi-unsuspected time share spiel.  Wow, that was a headache.  If you’ve been to one you know.  At least we got a couple free tours out of it.  Tommasina, her dad, and I went on a snorkeling trip where we saw some cute fishes and some flowing cnidarians.  Tommasina and I also went to Chichén Itzá and checked out the awe inspiring Mayan ruins.  The trip to Mexico was a very wonderful respite from the fast pace cleaning/moving frenzy.  Thanks Sue and Kev!

Since we’ve been back from Mexico we’ve been organising our travels abroad.  Lots of internet research and lots of buying provisions.

Pix are on the facebook for now!

We head to Asheville soon, and we’ll update again from there.  Peace!