Sadhana Forest Haiti!

Here’s our stop motion video (video video video!!) of our time in Haiti and the DR! 🙂 we miss you all so much!!! much love!


Vegan MoFo ~ Asheville then and now

Hey there! Remember us?! Well, I’m sorry– I forgot about you!  We’re back though and hopefully we’ll remember to post for the next three days, and maybe more…

I wanted to remember all the great food we had in Asheville near the beginning of our trip (August 2011) and right at the end (September 2012).

We first ate lunch at Firestorm Books and Cafe, a worker-owned 98% vegan cafe in downtown Asheville, and where our good friend Travis is a worker-owner.




My dish, the Buddha Bowl: Organic spring mix, organic brown long-grain rice, sea veggie salad, tomatoes, avocado and organic grilled organic smoky tofu, topped with sweet tangy tahini BBQ sauce and sprouts. The tofu was perfect, and the dressing was creamy and well-seasoned.

Then we had dinner at Rosetta’s Kitchen.


Julian’s peanut butter baked organic tofu, sautéed kale, smashed potatoes served with their signature gravy.


our good friends Mariana and Travis, being cute


Chocolate peanut butter cake, blueberry square, and pecan pie! wowzers. sweetness overload.

and in September this year, we went with my darling sis, Crissy K to help her find an apartment.


my sister. yup, she’s totes gorge.




there’s not really much resemblance between us.

We went contra dancing!

THEN, EVENT of the century: we ate at the new highly-acclaimed vegan restaurant, Plant! It was superb, and our new favorite vegan restaurant.



straight from their menu: MIXED MUSHROOM GRILL farro risotto •  grilled carrot, shallot, red pepper & arugula cream · cress & pine nut


PEPPERCORN CRUSTED SEITAN truffled zucchini purée • grilled eggplant • tomato & wine sauce • shiitake bacon


awwz, all our friends!
Special guest appearance by Julian’s beard. also, Jonah’s mustache.

And the best part of any meal, Dessert!


pretzel, popcorn and caramel scoop (OMG) in focus, and heck, who cares about the rest! (chocolate dark cherry, and perhaps a mocha?)


Cannolo handmade anise shell • candied orange ricotta • warm espresso puddle • mocha ice cream


so many food babies!

the end! we love you, Asheville!

Vegan MoFo: Madrid Madness

Day 7 has come!  Today we’re going back to our visit with our friend Veganita in Madrid.

The highlight Madrid (and my life so far) has been this dish at Eco Centro, which I say without much hesitation, was The Best Meal of My Life.  *sigh*
Maybe I can re-create it one day for you all, my adoring readers. Until then, friends! See you tomorrow!



Vegan MoFo: German grocery stores!!

Okay, okay. I can already hear my mom groaning. It might be strange to some of you (like my mom), but to us, new grocery stores, especially foreign ones are fascinating places of new vegan product discovery.

Vegans in a grocery store: kids in a candy store. It’s an apt analogy.

Anyways, here are some of our photos of finds in Veganz, the all-vegan grocery store in Berlin, in Fullhorn and Biomarkt, the organic chain grocery stores all over Germany, and in Schilfgrün- Der Vegane Laden, a small vegan grocery store in Karlsruhe which I think has since closed :(.

The finds:


Vegan food and culture in Germany was awesome, but the best part of meeting fellow vegans was hearing them say “vegan” as “weegan.” Ah, I love it! Do you all have any German vegan stories to share?

Vegans take Espana y Portual

Finally, Julian and I get to the part of our trip where we completely gorged on delicious foods every day with our good friend B, who I’ll call Veganita (per her usual name on our mutual friend’s blog). Due to my laziness, I’ll just jot down some notes or else I’ll never have the energy to finish!

day 1: arrived, found Veganita waiting in the lobby, had dinner at Yerba Buena, an all-veg place that was super expensive.  Wack guacamole with gluten free bread (air crackers), I ordered some sort of spinach, rice, and raisin mush, which was too salty.  Pilaf was okay.  
Walked by lots of people taking botellon, and beautiful streetlamp-lit plazas.

day 2:  brunch at Sopa, had yummy gazpacho, Veganita had another kind of soup, Julian had a falafel sandwich, and i had a lemon tart. We walked around Parque del Retiro. Saw fountains, squares, a cat!, statues galore, etc. I felt a lot of *hanger,* and insisted that we go for food right then… after a long search I had lunch at La Biotika, a macrobiotic place, while poor Julian and Veganita watched. I need to carry snacks with me to avoid this situation! yikes. then, we stopped by pPlaneta Vegano, an all-vegan grocer, found a vegan sweeten condensed milk!!! went to a museum saw Dali (cooL!) ate at Ecocentro for dinner. We were confused and missed the main restaurant and just had normal hot bar food at their cafe. When we realized our mistake we vowed to return.

day 3: ate at another veg place, Viva la Vida, buffet style (like lots of restaurants here!), walked to a big palace that we couldn’t enter (bummer), Ecocentro dinner again, best meal of my life!!!!!! I wish I had written down what it was. maybe Julian can help me explain it…

day 4: woke up early to go to Lisboa, arrived, took breakfast at Bem Me Queer, ate individual little pastries filled with apples, mushrooms, or potatoes, went to the water, saw an old monastery, buildings, took a nap at the aviation museum! Julian and I took a tram to meet up with couchsurfer but misfortune struck and we went the wrong way on the tram and then arrived a half hour late with no one in sight, so stayed with Veganita in her sweet hotel

day 5: played at a fountain, ate at Terra Restaurante, which had a sweet patio, classical music playing, went to a free museum with ancient Moorish art, saw an old Hafiz poem, explored a new organic store 

day 6: walked through Lisboa’s hills, hills, hills. hung out for hours, walked to the castle, saw sunset over the Lisbon hills

day 7: vegan gluttony hits an all new level at Bake the Difference, ate loads! my favorites were the chocolate cake with white chocolate frosting and the sun-dried tomato sunflower seeded quiche!, the owner recommended us to go to Sintra, explored an amazing work of philosophical and architectural genius: Quinta da Regaleira, Julian fell in the water (hahahaha), afterwards buzz kill: ate at super expensive and bland Indian restaurant

day 8: managed to get breakfast at Bake the Difference again, caught a taxi with an amazing taxi driver who busted out the tunes, flew to Barcelona!!, on arrival, poor Veganita stressed about apartments, got online and called the apartment company and overall, spent too much. due to rental restrictions, I wasn’t allowed to be seen by the apartment person, so I waited on a bench and spent a peaceful hour observing the public in a square. families, crust punks, dogs. the apartment turned out to be awesome! great view of the city, good location, lots of space and a washing machine!, we all relaxed and then went for greasy but tasty burgers for dinner at Gopal, an all-vegan AR-focused bar, and then drinks at Cat Bar! an all-vegan cat-focused bar. sweet day.

day 9: breakfast at Juicy Jones, went to La Sagrada Familia, stumbled upon awesome museum on the inequity in the world, spent hours reading about the evils of the World Bank, etc. had a long loving walk with Julian

day 10: took it easy running errands! printed out postcards, and they accidentally printed them twice so now we have lots of pictures of ourselves in Europe. what to do! ate again at Juicy Jones for lunch, and at Gopal for dinner. had the bomb diggity doggest chocolate cake from Gopal. I drew a diagram in my journal to remember how delicious it was. (picture to come…) packed at the apartment, had a good long talk with Veganita, and went to bed.

day 11: we had an early morning flight to Milan, and had the day to explore before our flight to India. We had an amazing meal at Mudra Natural, a vegan restaurant which was super-yoga-ed out. we fell in love with the atmosphere and the food was wonderful too. I had some sort of throat cold and eating here was actually the height of my illness, but the nice owners made me juice and then a shot of lemon and ginger with some cayenne on top. I felt so much better being taken care of! we even managed to squeeze in some tiramisu… then we went for a walk to see this castle and stumbled upon some gelato. It started to rain and we decided to head back to the airport but first we picked up some take-out macrobiotic at Mens Sana, a chain of vegan macro hot bars. at the airport: we had a four hour delay before they canceled our flight! but then we got to stay in a swanky hotel where they provided breakfast (watermelon and toast with jam for us). after another delay at the airport, we finally got to board our plane and we were off to India!

read me! welcome, welcome!

Dear friends, family, and strangers whom we’ve just met:

Julian and I are so happy you’ve found our travel blog. We’ll do our best to keep our stories up-to-date but have no pretenses about their shortness or relevance. Some days we have things we want to vent about; some days we just want to list what we did. Forgive us in advance for our excessive detail, especially regarding food and restaurants. We are vegan foodies, so even though we have lots of other social justice issues to talk about, sometimes food is what gets us most excited. In any case, we hope you’ll find our posts interesting! Please leave us lots of comments if so, this helps keep us motivated. If you’d like to send us a private email, email us at kalethemwithkindness(at) gmail(dot) com.

much gratitude to all of you who have shared a smile, conversation, bed, or food with us at some point on our trip! We try to mention people like you in our blog and sometimes use your names– if this isn’t okay with you, please send us an email and we’ll give you a pseudonym as soon as we can.

Anyways, please keep in touch 🙂

Lots of love and light for you on your own journey,

Tommasina and Julian