things we lost, things we found

things we lost

one bright yellow water bottle with great stickers down the side of Linville Gorge (Asheville)

1 set of blue ‘chili pepper’ dangly earrings ‘borrowed’ from my sister, and 1 set of turquoise horse earrings borrowed for a New Year’s celebration (Sadhana Forest)

[stolen by monkeys!] 3 zebra, cupcake, and jungle patterned Glad Rags, clean, and drying on the hotel balcony (Varanasi)

1 set of smashed USA penny earrings from the Gainesville Citizens’ Coop (no idea)

[stolen] 1 pair of Salomon hiking shoes (off my backpackon the night bus to Bangkok)

[stolen] my personal “yoga” money- around 350 baht (from deep in the guts of my backpack on the night bus to Bangkok)

1 digital camera, memory card (Bangkok)

our toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss (Kaitaia)

half container of sunflower seed butter and Fair Trade chocolate (Kaitaia)

3 1/2s of earrings: one large paua shell earring from Rachel from Gore, one dangly paua shell and bead earring from Kaitaia Farmer’s Market, and one Fair Trade paper crane earring from Blue Bird Cafe in Chiangmai, Thailand. (various places in NZ)

1 gypsy hat courtesy of Save Mart (Wellington)

countless pony tails and hair clips

each other!


before we lost it: one NZ converter plug

lava rocks, paua shells with hair (on beach in Amberley)

happiness (most places)

one pair of headphones (on the subway in Singapore)

Slippery Jack boletes, Porcini (Kaitaia and Christchurch)

dandelion bouquets (north of Whangerei)

a new favorite pancake recipe- Scottish pancakes (from Yolanda)

warm clothes from SaveMart

bathing suit top from Gap, rain boots, in free bin at Sadhana Forest

over 30 hitchhike rides in NZ

ways to sleep in lots of airports

our sense of adventure

lots of CSing hosts

lots of vegan restaurants

lots of vegan options!


dried fruits from our sold dehydrator in Colorado

beautiful jacket from Franzi in India

a neem toothbrush from a man on a train from Varanasi to Mumbai

NZ intercity bus passes from Lara

traditional Bangladeshi clothes for Eid celebration with Bishawjit

the Soryl Family’s vegan cookbook

a NZ lonely planet from Bev in Dunedin

smiles and waves from passer-bys

a broken belt that I had gifted to Travis in Nepal

many rides, couches, floors, blankets and pillows, food, conversations

A Mary’s Gone Cracker’s box to memorize for potential outreach jobs from Justice in Kaitaia

Why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cows from Guy and Sarah in Wellington

a beautiful pair of paua shell earrings from Rachel in Gore (see “things we lost”) 😦

this life is a gift!


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